A Profitable Outcome with Advanced Strategy in Blackjack

Blackjack is a casino game that offers its players loads of benefits such as playing against a lowered house edge, better game probability once using blackjack strategy cards and better odds of winning with a good strategy and skillful plays.

Indeed blackjack can be a profitable game to a casino player who knows how to play the game well. However, blackjack has its own facade of being merely a game of fun. Many find the game of blackjack a casual game with relatively basic strategy to learn.

But beyond this superficial fade of blackjack lies more profits beyond learning the basic blackjack strategies. Serious professional gamblers actually earn huge profits from playing blackjack using a more advanced strategy.

The advanced blackjack strategy is highly responsible why many gamblers are able to earn a fortune from playing a serious game of blackjack complemented with advanced strategy.

Basic strategy will do once a player plays blackjack merely for fun and entertainment. But once high stake games are involved, the need to employ a more advanced strategy in blackjack is vital.

Advanced blackjack strategies usually integrate better understanding of the more advanced blackjack rules, the essence of splitting, insurance, doubling down and playing soft and hard hands.

A player with two aces uses an advanced blackjack strategy of splitting the aces providing emphasis on the value of ace which can be 11 with the highest percentage of being paired with 10 card value thereby giving the player opportunity to hit blackjack or 21.

Doubling down is another advanced strategy in blackjack that provides the player the chance to double their bet and to receive an additional card that improves the player’s hand value.

Many professional blackjack players obtain insurance as part of their advanced blackjack strategy which allows them to lose only half of their bets once the dealer hits blackjack when they get insurance.

Another part of playing with advanced strategy in blackjack is playing soft versus hard hands in blackjack. It is important to note that a blackjack player is said to be playing with a soft hand once they have a hand value containing an ace which can be set at a card value of 11. Hard hand in blackjack on the other hand is played with a card value of an ace which is valued at 1 since giving it a value of 11 will bust the player.

The advanced strategy in blackjack when playing with soft or hard hands will be to bring more favor to playing a soft hand since the ace value of 11 can always be reduced to a value of 1. A player should also take note that when the dealer is playing with a soft hand at hand value 17 the dealer will always hit.

The significance of learning the advanced strategy of playing blackjack will be to make a gambler prepared to take a hit on the blackjack table and enjoy a profitable game of blackjack whether in a casual/regular table games or tournament blackjack.