Playing the Popular Game of Blackjack

When all the bets are made and are already placed on the appropriate area at the blackjack table, the dealer will now start dealing the cards. Dealing of the cards will begin at the left side of the blackjack dealer in a clockwise direction.

The blackjack dealer will make two passes of cards. All blackjack players will be dealt with face up cards and the dealer will have one of cards face down. In a blackjack game where the cards are dealt face up, the players are not allowed to touch any of the cards dealt. In blackjack games where the players are dealt with face down cards, touching and holding the cards are allowed but only with one hand at a time. And the cards must be held over the table and not any farther from the blackjack table.

In blackjack games of face down cards, the additional cards drawn are only dealt face up on the blackjack table and the players must not pick the card up. The play of the game will start on the left side of the dealer and will advance around the table in a clockwise direction also. Some rules of blackjack may sound bizarre to you but these rules are set to avoid the blackjack players from cheating.

If you are a novice player of blackjack, you may first choose to stand nearby the blackjack table and watch other players on what are the good things to do before sitting down and try your unpolished blackjack skills.

The good thing about blackjack is that you are only playing against the dealer’s hand and not with the other players’ hands.

All moves of the blackjack dealer are dictated by a set of rules like:

– The blackjack dealer will stand on 17. The blackjack rule states that the dealer will continue to draw more cards until the total hand value will reach 17 or more.

– The blackjack dealer will hit on soft 17. When the dealer’s hand is a soft 17, the dealer must always draw additional cards.

The dealer in blackjack has no control over you is you want to draw more cards or not for your hand. For example, you have a hand of 20 and the dealer’s hand is 18, the dealer will automatically stop even if it is obvious that your hand will win. There are also instances that the dealer in blackjack will go over 21 or bust and when this happens, all blackjack players who did not bust will win.

If both you and the dealer have similar hand value, it is called a push and you are not winning or losing either. The especially liked hand of the game is the blackjack, 21, or natural. It is composed of the two original dealt cards that are an Ace and any Ten-value card. The payout of a natural or blackjack is three to two.

Blackjack is an easy game but will require some skills from the player for the winning odds to increase.