Live Blackjack Rules: Wager Against a Real Dealer

Live blackjack rules incorporate some rules of internet simulation blackjack with some rules of land-based casino blackjack. The result of such combination is one of the best thing to happen in online gambling – live blackjack rules have allowed players to gamble against real casino dealers from home!

To join a game, first you need select a table among the ones available on your computer screen by clicking on it. Each table may have different bet limits and number of players.

Live blackjack rules on betting:

a.) First, players have to place their bets by repeatedly clicking on the chips found on their game screen until they have achieved their desired bet amount. After the dealer has announced the last call for bets, no more bets can be placed.

b.)Players have to follow the maximum/minimum bet limits. Each blackjack table found in live casinos has a different bet limit.

Live blackjack rules on dealing of cards:

a.) The dealer deals the cards clockwise, from left to right. The dealer draws the cards from a shoe, and a shoe may contain several 52-deck cards. Most tables use 6 decks to a shoe. A blackjack table has a limited number of seats.

Each player gets two face-up cards; cards are placed on a box or a circle found on top of the table. The dealer gets two cards as well but only one card is dealt face up.

b.) The players then decide whether they’d stand, hit, double down, split, or take the insurance. There are tabs labeled such on your computer screen. After deciding what action to take, click on the tab of your choice.

The dealer has one rule to observe, and that is to stand when their hand total is 17.

The object of blackjack is to reach a hand total of 21, but any natural (a hand consisting an Ace and another card with a ten value) beats any 21. Any hand with a total over 21 busts, and hand that busts immediately loses.

If the player has the lower hand, the dealer collects their bet. If the player wins, the dealer pays the player based on live blackjack rules on payoffs. Accordingly, the payoff for blackjack is 3:2 while the payoff for insurance is 2:1.

If the player loses, the total amount of the bet will be deducted from their current account credit. If they win, the amount will be added to their current balance.

Live blackjack rules are unique from both internet simulation blackjack and land-based blackjack. Live blackjack rules are an assimilation of online and offline blackjack rules, and the outcome is simply amazing— with live blackjack, real casino gambling from home is now possible!