Hotel Casino in Near Perfect Condition

When you think of Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is bustling. Casinos, luxurious resorts and fine dining. What most people don’t think about is what would happen if people just stopped visiting these casinos around 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas is a prime example of what happens when guests stop visiting a casino during its prime hundreds of visitors flocked here to try and strike It rich in their gambling hall. There are even plans to build in 160 acre community around the casino, but in 2008, when the recession hit business drastically dropped here since the recession, the resort has slowly fallen into disrepair in 2011. Business was going so poorly here that they were forced to close the 500 room hotel tower tonight. Our goal is to get into that very Tower and see what remains of the once immaculate hotel. What’S up everyone, so we just made it to the Gold Strike Hotel.

As you guys can see behind me, so what a lot of people don’t realize, while they’re visiting here is back in 2011 MGM decided to scale back a lot of their operations here at this hotel and in doing so they actually closed a 500 room hotel tower. So in this video, our goal is to go check out that Tower come on. Let’S go! Take a look guys right up here. We’Re gon na have Hotel aleene’s, so we’re gon na go ahead over to the South Tower for a casino, that’s already, not very busy.

The moment you step down the hallway for the South Tower, it just becomes dead, so we just made it to the abandoned hotel Tower and it took me a little while to find this place. Just because I wanted to make sure I was in the right Tower and I wasn’t just going into random rooms, but fortunately enough for me we are in the right Tower. So, let’s go start taking a look around guys, so we’re gon na start our explore on floor 8 just because floor, number, 3 isn’t really all that dilapidated yet and it’s pretty well locked up and I’m pretty sure, someone’s living on the seventh floor, because I heard The water faucet turn off downstairs while I was in the hallway and then no one would answer me as I called out for them so fairly positive, someone’s squatting there there’s a bat flying in the hallway, but right here we’re gon na have the first room we’ll Check out 1801, here’s a prime example of some of the disrepair that’s going on here.

This was a hotel in Vegas. You would never see shit like this happen. It’S got the punk, the old bed frame, stressors mattresses, yo, whoa, fuck that bat bro that bat just flew straight at us. Did you guys just see it guys? There’S the bat.

I don’t want to shine a light into it dies cuz. I just realized. It’S probably not good for bats, but there’s the bat that just dive-bombed us again. Here we have another room: whoo, that’s mold, we’re up with that: an old Bell card over their chairs. Just so many chairs right here we have some more rooms. All right – and here we are in the safest, looking elevator possible and we’re gon na head up to floor 9.

You know what no fuck floor 9, so I plus before 9, but I guess we’re going to floor 12. I guess the elevator is also broken. Now. Yeah, this is oh, no man that was really weird. Here’S the 12th floor again kind of weird, considering I plus press the 9th floor in the 11th floor. I’M pretty sure here we go hello, so here we have another room up here and it seems like they haven’t quite gotten to these rooms.

Yet to deconstruct them. You guys can still see the lamps something I noticed before. I left this room right here. Look at this artwork, they still have up here in any other abandoned building that would be destroyed, like 100 %. That would have been the first thing. Vandals destroyed it’s nice to see that there are some abandoned buildings that haven’t been completely destroyed.

Yet that’s the paintings then over here look at this. The Gold Strike bought Bonanza buffet. This looks like it was probably one of the cages boxes or maybe something for bets or something I don’t know that was in a hotel room, though I can guarantee you guys that here we have more stuff just left here from the cleaning clue right here. We have another interesting room, so let’s go take a look here. I don’t know what this stuff was yeah.

I have no clue what that is. If you guys know down in the comments, let me know this right here. It appears to be a bunch of the Quickspin slot machine stuff when the end when MGM scaled back their operations.

Here that was one of the other things they did was they cut back a lot of the gaming stuff they had here like the slot machines and such pretty sure this is some of the remnants of that bad. All right, let’s see, if this time we can go and hit some of those lower floors, all right, let’s go to 11, alright guys, so I totally lied both the 11th and 10th floor are completely locked up and there’s nothing there. We can explore so we’re gon na make our way down right now to the ninth floor and let’s see what we can find here guys so right off the bat we have a bunch of the old stuff they used to have inside the casino I’ve got one Of the beads carts right here back here, we have some cash back signs on the door.

It seems like we have the cleaning log for what which room is needed to be cleaned. Maybe I have no idea. This is gon na, be the last floor.

We’Ll check out right. You’Ve got some wet floor signs, let’s take a look. Let’S let it get in focus in here is where all the maids would store their cleaning supplies and such look at this got your chemical logs right here, bunch of it.

Oh, I don’t think you guys realize it’s. How unsettling this stuff is when you’re here alone – and this happens – hey this like the creepiness just goes up tenfold. You got your pullout carts right here, though, or pullout mattresses. Sorry right!

Here’S one of the fire elevators and then you’ve got a whole bag. Cart right here here we have some more rooms if you have some of the towels from what the cleaning lady’s set them up. Oh, we have the TV still left in his in this room in here we have to have all the lamps from practically every hotel room.

Geez. Look at this. This literally looks like a scene out of a horror movie right here, like I’m, expecting someone with the mask to pop out any second right now, which way was I going, though this way, then here we have another room whoa. What is this stuff? I’Ve got a gaming chair, hold it on before we check that out. I know the camera picked that up.

There was just some bowing out this window. Yeah, that’s wild all right! Here we have the casino chairs – let’s figure out what this is. So this right here in these boxes are just paper towel dispensers the ones you’d find in like schools or restaurants. Slash casinos whoa.

This one has a lot of the stuff left in it. They’Ve got a brochure rack right there, it’s some more of their gaming chairs bro. How many chairs did this casino have back here? I don’t know if you guys can see that but get a burner cast iron pan. I know why that’s still here all right, so I know I said someone’s. Definitely I didn’t press the button, I’m not joking all right!

This is weird. I don’t like this. I don’t like that at all. It just took us to the 12th floor again, but I know I said someone’s living on the seventh floor and that’s why I don’t want to be here, but I’m pretty sure that was just the toilets, making some weird some weird noises. If you were walking down this hallway, you would never be able to tell that these rooms aren’t in ruse.

It literally looks like cleaning. Ladies, are cleaning out the rooms as we speak, so I could very well just be like totally psyching myself out, but I swear to god those rooms they were all for opened. It wasn’t just two of them open. So I don’t know if that for sure says someone’s living in those rooms, but I’m not gon na risk it before I get going there’s one thing I needed to talk to you guys about real quick. So in case you guys didn’t know, I’m currently in high school and right now, I’m on spring break.